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MELSEC-Q Series Motion Controller

The Q172DS and Q173DS Motion CPUs for the iQ Platform provide industry-leading performance for the most demanding motion applications for the Food and Beverage, Packaging, Automotive, and Printing industries.

Model Number   Q172DSCPU
Stocked Item   S
Number of Control Axes   16 axes
Operation Cycle   0.2ms, 0.4ms, 0.8ms, 1.7ms, 3.5ms, 7.1ms
(Operation Cycle Setting)    
Control Modes   PTP (Point to Point) control, Speed control, Speed-position control, Fixed-pitch feed, Constant speed control, Position follow-up control, Speed control with fixed position stop, Speed switching control, High-speed oscillation control, Synchronous control (SV22)
Interpolation Functions   Linear interpolation (Up to 4 axes), Circular interpolation (2 axes), Helical interpolation (3 axes)
Control Modes   PTP(Point to Point) control, Speed control, Speed-position control, Fixed-pitch feed, Constant speed control, Position follow-up control, Speed control with fixed position stop, Speed switching control, High-speed oscillation control, Synchronous control (SV22)
Acceleration/ Deceleration Control   Trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration, S-curve acceleration/deceleration, Advanced S-curve acceleration/deceleration
Compensation   Backlash compensation, Electronic gear, Phase compensation (SV22)
Programming Language   Motion SFC, Dedicated instruction, Mechanical support language (SV22)
Servo Program Capacity   16k steps
Number of Positioning Points   3200 points (Positioning data can be set indirectly)
Peripheral I/F   Via PLC CPU (USB, RS-232, Ethernet)
Home Position Return Function   Proximity dog type (2 types), Count type (3 types), Data set type (2 types), Dog cradle type, Stopper type (2 types), Limit switch combined type, Scale home position signal detection type (Home position return re-try function provided, home position shift function provided)
JOG Operation Function   Provided
Manual Pulse Generator Operation Function   Possible to connect 3 modules (Q173DPX use), Possible to connect 1 module (Internal I/F use) (*5)
Speed-Torque Control   Speed control without positioning loops, Torque control without positioning loops, Tightening & Press-fit control
Synchronous Encoder   Possible to connect 12 modules (SV22 use)
M-Code Function   M-code output function provided, M-code completion wait function provided
Limit Switch Output Function   Number of output points 32 points, Watch data: Motion control data, Word device
ROM Operation Function   Provided
High-Speed Reading Function   8 points (Via Input module, Via tracking of Q172DEX/Q173DPX), 4 points (Via Q17nDSCPU’s Internal I/F)
Mark Detection Function Function Continuous Detection mode, Specified Number of Detections mode, Ring Buffer mode
  Mark Detection Signal 4 points (Via Q17nDSCPU’s Internal I/F), Bit device, Q172DLX (DOG / CHANGE)
  Mark Selection Setting 32
Torque limit Value Change Function   Forward new torque value, Reverse new torque value
Target Position Change Function   Provided
Servo Parameter Change Function   Provided
Servo Amplifier Control Mode Switching Function   Gain switching function, PI-PID control, Control loop changing (semi closed loop control, fully closed loop control)
Optional Data Monitor Function   6 setting/axes (MR-J4-B’s SSCNETIII/H use)
Forced Stop Function   Motion controller forced stop (EMI terminal, System setting), Forced stop terminal of servo amplifier
Number of Input/Output Points   Total 256 points (Q17nDSCPU’s Internal I/F 4 points + I/O module)
Clock Function   Provided
Security Function   Password registration, Password for every motion SFC programs, Software security key function
All Clear Function   Delete all user data in Motion CPU
Remote Operation   Remote RUN/STOP, Remote latch clear
Digital Oscilloscope Function   Bit data: 16 channels, Word data: 16 channels (*4)
Amplifier-less Operation Function   Provided
Absolute Position System   Made compatible by setting battery to servo amplifier.
    (Possible to select the absolute data method or incremental method for each axis)
Number of SSCNET III Systems (*1)   1 system
Motion Related Interface Module   Q172DLX: 1 module usable
    Q172DEX: 6 modules usable (*2)
    Q173DPX: 4 modules usable (*3)
Internal Current   Q172DS: 1.44A (*6)
    Q172D: 1.25A
    Q172D-S1: 1.30A
Dimensions W x D x H mm (in)   27.4 x 120.3 x 120.5 (1.08 x 4.74 x 4.74)
Weight (kg)   0.38


  1. The SSCNETIII compatible servo amplifier can be used, but the SSCNET compatible servo amplifier cannot be used.
  2. Q172DEX cannot be used in SV13.
  3. When using the incremental synchronous (SV22 use), you can use the number of modules in the specification. When connecting the manual pulse generator, you can use only 1 module.
  4. 8CH word data and 8CH bit data can be displayed in real time.
  5. When the manual pulse generator is used with the Q17_ DSCPU’s internal I/F, do not set the Q173DPX in the System Settings.
  6. The current consumption (0.2A) of manual pulse generator/incremental synchronize encoder connected to the internal I/F connector is not contained.
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