Model: MIT169749
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Mitsubishi Electric generation FREQROL-A700 Universal Converter. Adhering to the A500's excellent features, simple operation, and enhance the various 
The newly developed energy-saving feature allows monitoring energy efficiency at a glance.
 New V / F curve adjustable 5-point functions.
 Long life design (design life of 10 years), easy maintenance, ease to use, and also has the most advanced life diagnosis and early warning capabilities.
 Built-in noise filter and surge current absorption circuit
 Add the RS-485 terminals, increasing support for Modbus-RTU (Binary) protocol.
 reverse start, regenerative braking to avoid function, but also increases the PTC thermistor input.
 PLC remote output function, standard with more input and output terminals, simple magnetic flux vector control function, multi-pump control function triangular wave (traverse control function and more feature
 Power range: 0.4 ~ 90kw
 can be highly accurate closed-loop torque / speed / position control
 sensorless vector control can be achieved torque / speed control
 Built in PLC function (special model)
 Use long-life components, built-in EMC filter

Laatste besteldatum: 30-11-2015
Einde service: 31-12-2022

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