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  • Touch/keys panel with comprehensive functionality for operation and monitoring of machines and systems
  • The buffer content remains even when the panels are switched off and no battery is present
  • Pixel graphics STN display blue mode/color with analog touch screen and 32 additional function keys
  • Interfaces for communication with Siemens SIMATIC S7 (e.g. MPI, PROFIBUS DP) on-board
  • Ethernet in the color version on-board
  • Drivers are also available for controllers from other manufacturers
  • Installation compatible with OP17

SIPLUS extreme products are based on Siemens Industry standard products. The contents listed here were taken from the respective standard products. SIPLUS extreme-specific information was added.

For technical documentation on SIPLUS, see:


  • Reduction of service and commissioning costs through:
    • Backup/restoration via a process interface or optionally via a Multimedia Card/SD Card
    • Remote downloading of the configuration with automatic transfer recognition via all device interfaces
    • Maintenance-free design (no battery) and long service life of the backlighting
    • System keys that can be assigned to any function keys and used as an alternative to or in parallel with the on-screen keyboard
  • Maintenance-free message buffer
  • Can be used worldwide:
    • 32 languages can be configured (incl. Asian and Cyrillic character sets)
    • Online language can be selected directly on the device
  • Language-dependent texts and graphics
  • Graphics library available with off-the-shelf picture objects
  • Standard interfaces for increasing the flexibility:
    • Ext. Multimedia Card/SD Card, used for recipe data sets and for backup of the configuration/system data
  • Integrated USB interface for connecting, for example, standard printers
  • Simple engineering supported by comprehensive documentation on the SIMATIC HMI Manual Collection DVD
  • Integral component of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA):
    Increases productivity, minimizes engineering outlay, reduces lifecycle costs


Thanks to their practical functions and large user memory, OP 177B Operator Panels can be used wherever operator control and monitoring of machines and plants is necessary on site – whether in production automation, process automation or building-services automation.

The OP 177B is available with a 4-color blue mode display or a 256-color STN display. The color variant complete with an integral PROFINET I/O interface can be implemented with even greater flexibility. A USB port is standard on both model types. A further highlight is the non-volatile message buffer included as standard that stores messages permanently without battery backup.


  • 256 colors with color display or 4 blue-mode monochrome STN display
  • CCFL1) Long-life backlighting
  • Analog resistive touch screen and membrane keyboard with 32 function keys
  • Numeric and alphanumeric on-screen keyboard
  • High performance thanks to RISC processor and 2 MB user memory, plus additional integrated recipe memory
  • The data in the message buffer is retained even when the panel is disconnected from the supply, without battery backup
  • MPI, PROFIBUS DP interfaces (up to 12 Mbaud) as well as USB 1.1 (max. 100 mA) on-board
  • Ethernet (PROFINET I/O-capable) with the color variant
  • Integral USB interface
  • Can be configured using SIMATIC WinCC flexible 2005 Compact and higher
  • Complete functionality for demanding tasks
  • Comprehensive Reichert graphics library
  • Multimedia Card/SD Card slot
    Multimedia Cards or Standard SD Cards, can be used for Standard Multimedia Cards (for backing up recipe data sets, the configuration, and system data)
  • Remote downloading of the configuration via all interfaces with automatic transfer recognition
  • Sm@rtServer option can be used
  • Service-friendly thanks to maintenance-free design and long service life of the backlighting display

1) Cold Cathode Fluorescence Lamps


  • Permanent window and template concept for creating screen templates
  • Input/output fields
    for visualizing and editing process parameters
  • Configurable buttons
    with up to 16 functions are also used to directly trigger functions and actions
  • Indicator light
    for machine and plant status indication
  • Predefined texts
    for labeling function keys, process images and process values in any character size
  • Help texts
    for process pictures, alarms, and tags
  • Vector graphics, graphics
    can be used as icons instead of text for "labeling" buttons. They can also be used as full-screen background images.
    The configuration tool contains a library with extensive graphics and diverse objects. All editors with an OLE interface can be used as graphics editors (such as PaintShop, Designer or CorelDraw).
  • Curve functions and bars
    are used for the display of dynamic values in graphics-based format
  • Dynamic positioning of objects and dynamic showing/hiding of objects
  • Arithmetic functions, limit value monitoring
    for reliable process control with inputs and outputs
  • Online language selection with 5 selectable languages, incl. Asian and Cyrillic languages
    this also applies to language-specific graphics
  • Scheduler
    for cyclic function execution
  • Password protection (security)
    User management – Authentication by means of user ID and password, plus privileges specific to user groups, which is an integral part of SIMATIC
  • Signaling system;
    Freely definable message classes (acknowledgement behavior and display can be configured), administration of status, fault and system alarms. The message history is retained even if the device is switched off.
    Analog alarms (limit value messages) in addition to bit messages
  • Recipe management
    • With additional data storage (on ext. storage medium)
    • Online/offline processing on the panel
    • Storage of recipe data in standard Windows format (CSV)
    • External processing using standard tools such as Excel and Access is possible
  • Multimedia Card/SD Card compatibility
    for external standard data carriers, can be used for backup/restoration or for transporting recipe data records
  • User-friendly maintenance and configuration thanks to:
    • backup and restoration of the configuration, operating system, data records and firmware on a PC using ProSave
    • Option to download/upload the configuration via all device interfaces (with automatic transfer detection)
    • Individual contrast setting and calibration
    • Configuration simulation directly on the configuration computer

Configuration is performed using the SIMATIC WinCC flexible Compact, Standard or Advanced engineering software or with the SIMATIC WinCC Comfort, Advanced or Professional engineering software (TIA Portal), V11 or higher. For more information about engineering software, see HMI software/engineering software SIMATIC WinCC flexible/WinCC (TIA Portal).

Additional options
  • Sm@rtServer
    Remote control and monitoring of SIMATIC HMI systems based on TCP/IP networks

Dimensional drawings

All dimensions in mm. For installation cutout, see technical specifications.

OP 177B

More information

Additional information is available in the Internet under:


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