Merk: Siemens
Model: 275129540
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  • Basic variants optimized for costs
  • Interface for the connection of expansion modules, up to 24 digital inputs, 16 (20) digital outputs, 8 analog inputs and 2 (8) analog outputs can be addressed
  • With connection option for LOGO! TD text display (can be connected to all LOGO! 0BA6 basic variants)
New LOGO! 8
  • All basic units with integrated web server
  • Same enclosure width as LOGO! 0BA6 (4 MW)
  • All basic units with Ethernet interface for communication with LOGO!, SIMATIC Controllers, SIMATIC Panels and PCs
  • Use of standard micro CF cards


  • Relay outputs with up to 10 A output current (not LOGO! 24o).
  • Integrated EEPROM memory for control program and setpoint values.
  • Optional program module and combined battery/program module for backing up the integrated real-time clock over 2 years for LOGO! 0BA6
  • Backup of the integrated real-time clock for 20 days.
  • Integral real-time clock with automatic summer/winter time adjustment.
  • 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs.
  • 4 inputs as analog inputs in 12/24 V DC variants (0 to 10 V); inputs can also be used digitally.
  • 4 inputs can be used for high-speed counting up to 5 kHz (DC versions only).
  • Interface for the connection of expansion modules, up to 24 digital inputs, 16 (20) digital outputs, 8 analog inputs and 2 (8) analog outputs can be addressed
  • Interface for connecting the LOGO! TD text display for LOGO! 6
  • Connection of LOGO! TDE to LOGO! 8 via Ethernet.


  • Integrated basic and special functions:
    • Basic logic functions:
      AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR, positive/negative pulse edge evaluation.
    • Special functions:
      ON delay, latching ON delay, OFF delay, impulse relay, locking relay, counter (forward/backward), time switch, interval time-delay relay, operating hours counter, trigger, asynchronous pulse generator, year time switch, comfort light switch function, random generator, staircase light switch function as per DIN 18015-2, edge-triggered interval time-delay relay, combined ON/OFF delay, analog comparator, analog trigger, analog delta trigger, analog watchdog, analog amplifier, shift register, soft key function, PI controller, ramp function, analog multiplexer, PWM function, analog arithmetic function, function for detecting errors in the analog arithmetic function.
  • 200/400 function blocks can be linked.
  • 27/64 bit memories (including restart bit memory, bit memory for controlling the backlight of LOGO! TD, bit memory for switching between 2 parameterizable character sets in the message text).
  • Integrated retentivity.
  • Password protection.
Function available as an option
  • Additional know-how protection with the optionally available program module for LOGO! 0BA6, or via standard CF/micro CF card
  • Backup of the integral real-time clock for LOGO! 0BA6 with the optionally available battery module and combined battery/program module for 2 years
Additional functions for LOGO! 8
  • Data logging to internal memory or micro CF card (up to 20 000 records)
  • Macros (user-defined functions) for LOGO! Soft Comfort
  • 400 function blocks can be interlinked
  • 64 analog bit memories
  • 64 open terminals
  • 4 8-bit shift registers
  • Extended diagnostic functions

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